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    SmokeStik Classic vs SmokeStik Ultra

    SmokeStik Part SmokeStik Classic SmokeStik ULTRA
    SmokeStik Kits The Classic kit comes with 2  automatic batteries, 3 cartomizers, a complete charging system, and a carrying case. The ULTRA kit comes with 2 manual batteries, 2 ULTRA tanks (with the coil already installed), a complete charging system, and a carrying case.
    SmokeStik Classic/ ULTRA Battery The battery mAh rating is how long the battery will last (how many puffs you will be able to get) on a single charge, meaning the higher the mAh rating the longer the battery will last on a charge. The mAh rating does not affect how much vapor or the amount of ""hit"" the battery will produce; they all perform the same. The larger the mAh rating, the larger the battery is physically. Because of the size and shape of the Classic batteries, they look and feel more realistic compared to an actual cigarette. Many people find this more appealing when in social gatherings. The batteries are also automatic so there is no on/off switch. To use them, you simply attach a cartomizer and puff. When you puff it turns on, and when you stop it turns off.

    Classic batteries come in the following models and sizes: Premium, Jet, Pink and Hendu with a capacity of 180mAh, measuring 67mm X 9mm. Pitbull, Halligan, MaxxQ, and Premium XL with a capacity 250mAh, measuring 77mm X 9mm. Last is the Premium XXL Battery Premium battery with a capacity 340mAh, measuring 98mm X 9mm. 

    All of the above batteries have a life span of about 300 charge cycles.

    What does this mean as far as puff count?

    Premium Battery, Jet Battery, Pink Battery, Hendu Battery puffs of 120; just over a 1/2 pack of puffing.

    Pitbull, Halligan, Maxxq and Premium XL Battery puffs of 180; just less than a pack of puffing.

    Premium XXL battery puffs of 226; about 1.25 packs of puffing.
    SmokeStik ULTRA batteries are all manual batteries. This means you will press a button when you want to use it. It also has a standby feature for when you are not using it.

    Because of its larger size, some people say that using the bigger battery is like holding a cigar.

    ULTRA batteries come in silver, black, and pink. They are all 650 mAh capacity and measure 71mm X 13mm.  Just like the Classic batteries, these have a life span of about 300 charge cycles.  This means that because the charge cycle is longer these batteries should last many more months.

    Puff Count of 433

    This means that the ULTRA battery will much last longer before you have to charge it.
    SmokeStik Classic Cartomizer/ ULTRA Tank Convenient and very easy to use. They are not refillable. If you try to refill them, you will ruin your SmokeStik Classic batteries and void your warranty. When empty, you simply install a new cartomizer and continue to use. They contain about 1ml of liquid and are good for about 200 puffs. They come prefilled with liquid and you cannot change the flavor. It is very easy to carry and replace extra cartomizers when you use up a cartomizer. Because they are individually wrapped, the cartomizers are always fresh and clean. The ULTRA Tank consists of three pieces. There is the tank itself, the ULTRA coil and the ULTRA base. The tanks holds the liquid, the base seals the bottom of the tank and also contains the ULTRA coil. They are sold empty so you can fill them with whatever ULTRA Liquid flavor that you prefer. They can be refilled many times before needing a new coil. Some people like to change the ULTRA coil each time they change flavors to get the purest flavor. If you wish to economize, you can save your used coils in the tray in which they are shipped to use when you switch back to that flavor. This makes it very easy to switch flavors as well as refresh your tank to like-new condition with a fresh coil. ULTRA Tanks hold up to 2mm of liquid, which is twice the amount of juice than a cartomizer holds. When the tank runs out of liquid, you will need to refill it from an ULTRA Liquid bottle. Click HERE for detailed photo instructions on how to refill an ULTRA Tank and replace the coil.
    SmokeStik "heaters" Atomizers and Coils The SmokeStik Cartomizer has a built in "heater" that heats the liquid, called an atomizer. The name Cartomizer is derived by combining two words; Cartage (that holds liquid) and Atomizer (that heats the liquid). You combine those two names and you get Cartomizer. Every time you change the cartomizer, you get a new cartridge of liquid and a new atomizer. In the ULTRA tank, the heater is called the ULTRA coil. After a few refills of liquid, the ULTRA coil will begin producing less flavor, vapor, and throat hit. At this time, you simply replace the ULTRA coil.If at any time you experience a burning flavor, your coil will require replacing. This usually happens when the tank is allowed to run dry.
    SmokeStik Liquid SmokeStik Classic liquid is available only in our 5-packs of pre filled cartomizers in six flavors (Regular, Menthol, Cherry, Strawberry, Vanilla , and Cappuccino). This is what makes the Classic the most convenient and easiest e-cig to maintain. You do not have to carry extra bottles of juice and never have to worry about finding a place to refill. SmokeStik ULTRA liquid comes in 10 ml bottles and 17 different flavors at this time, with more flavors to come. You can change flavors as easily as swapping out the ULTRA Coil. You can use two different flavors to "blend" your own flavor. If you feel the need to rinse out your tank, please be sure to unscrew the base/coil and do not get it wet. Do not EVER use anything but plain tap water. ANY type of alcohol, drinkable or not, will ruin your tank.