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      What is the difference between Classic and ULTRA?

    There are many differences between the two types. For a full list and explanation of the differences, please see:
    SmokeStik Classic vs SmokeStik ULTRA

      What is the ULTRA System?

    The ULTRA system is comprised of a 650 mAh ULTRA battery, ULTRA coil and an ULTRA tank that holds a full 1 ml of juice: Ultra 10ml

    ULTRA eliquid comes in 10 ml bottles. ULTRA Plus comes in 15 ml bottles (coming soon).
    Ultra 10ml

      How do ULTRA tanks work?

    ULTRA Tanks are essentially two components made up of three pieces. There is the Tank itself and the ULTRA Coil, the two components. The tank is comprised of two pieces and the bottom piece unscrews. Inside the bottom piece is the coil, which is the third piece of the system. They come empty so you can fill them with whatever ULTRA Liquid flavor you choose. The photo below shows, from left to right, the tank body, the coil, and the coil base. The coil screws into the base.
    Ultra Tank

      How often do I need to put in a new coil?

    Some people like to change the ULTRA coil each time they change flavors to enjoy the purest flavor. This makes it very easy to switch flavors as well as refresh your tank to like-new condition with a fresh coil. ULTRA Tanks hold up 1 ml of liquid.

      How do I refill the tank?

    When the tank runs out of liquid, you will refill it from an ULTRA Liquid bottle. See below for detailed photo instructions on how to refill an ULTRA Tank.
    Tank Refill

      What if I overfill the tank?

    It is very important not to overfill the tank. If you overfill, liquid will enter the center tube which is there to provide air flow. Also if you overfill, liquid will not wick properly resulting in a burnt taste. If you experience a burnt taste, a simple fix is to just turn the tank upside down and unscrew the base letting in some air, then screw it back on. If you have gotten liquid down the center air tube, you may notice a lack of vapor and gurgling. If that occurs, gently blow from the mouthpiece down and the excess liquid will come out the bottom of the tank. Make sure you remove the tank from the battery when you do this and hold a tissue or towel under the tank.

      Is there a user's manual online?

      How big is the battery?

    Tank Comparison
    The smaller battery in the photo is a SmokeStik Pitbull with a regular size cartomizer. If you are not a Smokestik user, this would be the same size as a “100” cigarette or 77mm X 9mm. The ULTRA battery is 81 X 14 mm.

      How does the ULTRA battery work?

    SmokeStik ULTRA batteries are all manual batteries, meaning that you will press a button when you want to take a puff. You have to turn it on before you can use it. It also has a standby feature for when you are not using it. To turn it on, simply press the button 5 times in a row quickly until you see the LED (light) around the switch flash three times. When you want to put it in standby so that it cannot be accidentally activated, push the button 5 times in a row again. Again you will see the LED flash three times. If you now try to take a puff, nothing will happen. It is now safe to carry in your pocket or purse. It should always be in standby mode when not in use, even if it’s in the carry case.

      What is the difference between an ULTRA battery and a Classic SmokeStik battery?

    ULTRA batteries come in silver, black, and pink. They are all 650 mAh capacity. Just like the Classic batteries, these have a lifespan of about 300 charge cycles before the battery needs to be replaced. Because the ULTRA battery is physically bigger, it will have a longer overall life span before it needs to be replaced.. Based on a puff that lasts 3 seconds, a pack of traditional , regular size cigarettes will give 200 puffs. On average, an ULTRA battery will give over 400 puffs. This means that the charge on the ULTRA battery will much last longer than the charge of any cigarette sized ecig before it needs recharging.

      Does the ULTRA system have a warranty?

    Yes, please click HERE

      Can I overcharge the ULTRA battery and/or will it damage the battery to stay plugged in overnight?

    The ULTRA system has two separate protection circuits to prevent damage to or overcharging of the battery. While it is technically not possible to damage the battery, you should never leave any lithium battery powered device plugged into a charger unattended.